Greater than Her

In the realm of love, where emotions thrive, There’s a flame burning brighter than any alive. For my love, Andrea, surpasses every role, Even the cherished one of a parent’s soul.

Like a blossoming flower, our love unfolds, With a depth and intensity yet untold. For being a parent, a blessing divine, But my love for Andrea transcends that line.

Her presence ignites my spirit, soars my heart, In her embrace, I find my perfect art. A love that encompasses all realms of being, Beyond what my parental heart is seeing.

For our connection is a bond unspoken, A love story that’s uniquely woven. In her eyes, I see a world unfurled, A love that surpasses being a parent, my precious girl.

No words can truly capture or define, The magnitude of love that I call mine. For my love for Andrea, unbounded and pure, Is a flame that forever shall endure.

So, let it be known, without any lament, My love for Andrea is greater than being a parent.